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Various Artists. New Year Greetings 2018!

18:58 - 30.12.2017
John Sinterson:
профиль | www | icq | в приват

Город: Москва
Сообщений: 1545

NY 2018



                    Hails to everyone! The Administration of http://www.heavymusic.ru congratulates all the visitors to our portal and all the metal fans for the New Year!


Adam Buszko, HATE


                    Hello everybody in Russia!

                    The year 2017 saw us recording and releasing our new album Tremendum (released via Napalm Records)

                    However, we are working on some new songs already and one of them will be presented in March I believe. I’d like to wish you all a smashing New Year 2018! We will definitely come to Russia for a tour. Until then thanks for your support and dedication. Rest in HATE!



                    Dear All! This is Asim from Wintersun/Damnation Plan/Cantilena. I wish you all the warm and best of the upcoming holidays and for the new coming year 2018.

                    What a ride 2017 has been for me that so many of my dreams have become reality! Released an album with my band Damnation Plan. Also I have become part of the band "Wintersun" which I always looked upto...travelled around the world with them to the places which I dreamt off.....played on the stages which I always thought one day I would and as well got announced at WACKEN OPEN AIR 2018 where in 2006 everything had happened for me(first time being on the international festival and seeing big names/dream bands) and I promised myself one day I will play at that festival!

                    All I can say is dream big with your true heart and if this is what you real dream of it will for sure become REAL! HAVE A GREAT 2018


Asim Searah, Damnation Plan, Wintersun


Kjell Simosas, Bob Malmstrom


                    2017 was a good one for Bob Malmström. Even though the amount of gigs wasn't as big as in 2016, the quantity was even better. We played great shows in Russia, Finland, Sweden and we had an amazing tour in Brazil! By far the most incredible experience during our careers so far. We already have some shows planned for 2018 but mainly we will focus on recording some new songs.

                    You guys in Russia have always been good to us so we hope to be back very very soon.



                    Greetings Russian fans of Thyrane! As majority of you may already know, Thyrane has awaken from a decade-long slumber. In 2017 we have done a couple of live shows in Finland, and Blastmor and Daemon have been writing new music actively. The new material has a more classic black metal feeling and brings the music to Thyrane’s original roots.

                    Looking back to the time of the band’s breakup in 2006, the motivation has risen to a new level, and we are eager to present the new darker Thyrane to you when the time comes! In 2018 we will continue to write new music, and try to stay as active as possible with the live shows. Follow us in Facebook and Instagram to know about our latest news and live shows. Hopefully we get to perform live in Russia in the near future. Meanwhile, support your local black metal scene and keep the unholy flame burning!




Blastmor, Daemon, V, Lazarus and J. Lahdenkauppi, Thyrane

Jens Ryden, Thyrfing


                    Greetz Russian brothers and sisters in metal! 2017 was a good year for Thyrfing and part of that is of course our second time in Russia and it was just as great as our first time meeting all you great supporters of metal – you guys keeps the spirit alive!

                    So, with this I would like to wish you all a great 2018 and Thyrfing is really looking forward to come back again hopefully in a not too distant future. Happy new year!



                    2017 was probably the greatest year for Voltumna. The band has toured across the world from Russia to USA,  from China to Europe and played in several International festivals with a lot of legends of the scene. The 20th Pf October DODECAPOLI, third album of the band, has been released by the Greek label Sleaszy Rider Records followed by an Italian tour. During the 2018 a new journey across Europe will start for the Etruscan Priests and the band is already booked for Stonehenge Festival in Neterlands and Eradication Festival in Uk

                    Probably during next summer Voltumna will start to work already on the new stuff... a new discovering of the past.

                    Special greetings to all the readers of Heavy Music, you will be Etruscanized by our music.

                    Russia every time a special country to tour!


Haruspex, Voltumna

István Molnár, Dalriada


                    Privyet Russian friends, fans, future-friends and future fans! 2017 reserved us a lot of memorable events. At the beginning of the year we had two shows on the stages of the super-extraordinary 70000tons of Metal cruise, where no other Hungarian bands played so far. We returned to French, Italy (we met super-cute Russian girl there :-) ) and Belgium. We also recorded our new album which will be released in 2018. If this ain't enough we got more good news, we can debut on 3 extra festivals in 2018, for example the home-party of Sabaton. We hope you guys can also look back for a busy year with a lot of fun and good memories. I wish all of you a very succesful and happy new year in the name of Dalriada from Hungary! Vyp'yem Russkiy druzya, we're glad to know some of you and ready to meet all you guys again!


                    Happy new year! Year 2017 was awesome for Kalmah. We did lots of great gigs and got finally our new record done which will be released in 2018.

Janne Kusmin, Kalmah

Aydan, Elvenking


                    Witching greetings to all Russian metalheads! 2017 has been a busy one for ELVENKING. Our New album “Secrets of the Magick Grimoire” has been finally released after 3 and half years of waiting. And the reaction to the new material it is simply overwhelming and beyond every kind of expectations so far. Hope you the chance to listen to it there as well. We have played live as well during the year and we had the chance to tour South America for the first time, and it was an amazing experience. Unfortunately no Russian gigs this year and we miss to play in your country so much. The 2 times we played there in the past years have been something to remember! So we hope we will have the chance to bring “Secrets of the Magick Grimoire” on stage there in Russia next year!

                    Until then cheers to all Elvenlegions and ELVENKING fan over there and we wish a HAPPY NEW YEAR.

                    May the winds blow fair at your backs…


                    While 2017 is about to end, we couldn’t be happier looking back at what we’ve achieved so far. This year has been almost completely devoted to writing and recording our upcoming third album, which we hope you’ll listen to soon for our pleasure. Nevertheless, we had the honor to play headlining and supporting gigs attended in droves by fans and this makes us look ahead with determination and self-confidence. And, above all, the driving hope of reaching as many countries as possible during some new tours, including Russia! Wishing you all a happy New Year’s Eve, we promise to do our best to come to visit you soon!

Furor Gallico

Georg Neuhauser, Serenity


                    Hello, my beloved people in Russia, this is Georg  from Serenity and we wanna wish you a merry Christmas and a Happy new year! 2017 was a really great year for Serenity, we’ve just released the new album called “Lionheart”, and therefore we hope to tour Russia quite soon and we hope to see you there. So stay metal, spasibo, Russia, and see you soon! Bye.


                    2017 was one of the most intense years in my entire live. Re-started the band after the break turned out really great, with our 10th studio album "Der rote Reiter" we did am amazing job, the feedback from the fans was just incredible and so many sold out shows was something, we didn't expect. Beside that band I was also very busy with my whisky shop, I did a lot of whisky fairs, met new friends and drinking mates from Scotland to Japan. Many weeks away from home, but it felt great to be alive. I'm now looking forward to some calm days together with my friends and family. I usually don't like to celebrate new years eve with huge party. I prefer to sit in my wooden house in the woods, have some good food and do some fireworks at midnight. Thanks for a wonderful return to Russia after three years of silence.  (Volk-Man // Die Apokalyptischen Reiter)

Volk-Man, Die Apokalyptischen Reiter



                    Этот год был интересным и необычным для нас. Мы копили силы и претерпели мощную реорганизацию - состав усилен вновь прибывшим барабанщиком Андреем Пационовым! 
На следующий год запланирована масса концертов в Европе и Азии, а также творческие новости. 
В новый год Katalepsy обычно сидят по домам у каминов в окружении членов своих династий, слуг и домашних животных. 
Но однажды нам предлагали сыграть на корпоративе в г.Берн Швейцарской области 31 декабря 2016 года. А мы отказались, потому что семья важнее. Такие дела! Любите друг друга, всегда ваши Katalepsy!!


                    Hello, Maurice here from Legion of the damned. Our year at the Thrash institute was quite silent. Legion of the damned didn't record or release a new record, however some inetresting things we did indeed like playing in Dubai and being the first extreme metal band playing a show in Beirut, Lebanon, which was very interesting. We also did some shows in Panama, Mexico, Costa Rica and Colombia. Not to mention I became a dad. But 2018 is going to be an important one again since we'll be recording Legion of the damned's 7th album in july at Stage One Studio with Andy Classen. Also the band will be heading towards Asia where we play a show in India, Thailand, Singapore, Philippines and Maybe Indonesia. After that we have an exclusive show in Norway! I am pretty excited folks. Also my company is doing well and recently did some pretty interesting videos like the one I did for Heidevolk! I wish everybody a thrashing holiday, be save and healthy and see you on the road next!”

Maurice, Legion Of The Damned

Rorschach, 6:33


                    Hi there!

                    First of all we would like to say it's a great pleasure for 6:33 to be part of this new year article for HeavyMusic.ru, and we send hot (but not dirty) hugs to all our Russian friends!

                    2017 has been an important year for 6:33 as we put on our "Asylum Picture Show 2.0" and performed it on stage for the first time last April in Paris.

                    Since then we've played some gigs but most of all we've been working on our new album, and hopefully it will be part of your 2018 Xmas gifts.

                    We would be so happy to come to your country for some Asylum Picture Shows and meet our fans in Russia. It's my wish for 2018, and to all people of HeavyMusic.ru 6:33 wishes a loony new year's eve and a crazy year 2018!


                    With love,



                    Приветствуем дорогих читателей Heavymusic.ru !!!

                    2017 год был довольно насыщенным годом для группы DESERT. Практически большую часть года мы провели за сочинением материала к нашему новому, третьему полнометражному альбому, и, буквально неделю назад, мы начали его запись. Параллельно наша группа празднует своё пятнадцатилетие, и, не смотря на огромную занятость студийной работой, группа смогла отыграть ряд концертов в поддержку столь значимой для нас даты. Основными событиями концертной деятельности в 2017 году стали для нас выступление на фестивале Midalidare в Болгарии, совместное выступление с Blind Guardian в Тель-Авиве (группой, оказавшей огромное влияние на наше творчество), а также сольный двухчасовой концерт, посвященный громкой дате – с кучей гостей и сюрпризов.

                    Глядя уже сейчас на 2018 год можно понять, что он будет ещё более насыщенным для нас, чем предыдущий. Это связано и с выходом нового альбома, и с концертной деятельностью. Практически с уверенностью мы можем сказать, что в следующем году мы вернемся с концертом в Россию (а может даже и не с одним концертом ;)) и будем рады вновь встретится с вами !

                    С Новым Годом друзья – счастья, любви и хорошей музыки !!!

Alexei Raymar, Desert

Мария «Scream» Архипова, Аркона


                    ...2017 год был для нас очень продуктивным, мы дали множество концертов и посетили множество стран, таких как: Финляндия, Украина, Беларусь, Латвия, Польша, Сербия, Чехия, Испания, Италия, США и Канада; а так же дали ряд концертов у себя на Родине, где отыграли более, чем в 30-ти городах. Так же, 2017 год стал годом усердной подготовки к записи и, непосредственно, самой записи нашего нового альбома под название "Храм", который увидит свет в начале уже следующего, 2018 года. Это огромное событие для группы Аркона, так как предыдущий альбом "Явь" был издан почти 4 года тому назад.

                    Именно для меня Новый Год уже наступил с приходом нового солнечного цикла, с рождением "Молодого Солнца", в день Зимнего Солнцестояния, ну а тем, для кого Новый Год наступает с 31-го декабря на 1-е января, мне бы хотелось пожелать всего наилучшего, дружно посидеть с семьей или с друзьями за праздничным столом, как следует проводить старый год, в котором принято оставлять все плохое и забирать оттуда все хорошее, чтобы потом встретить новый год с замечательными впечатлениями и полным багажом радостных подарков, которые достались вам от 2017 года.

                    Удачи и увидимся с вами в 2018 году!


                    Pozdrawiam wszystkich fanów dobrej, ciężkiej muzyki! \m/ Wraz z zespołem Vader objedziemy w 2018 roku niemalże cały świat, będą wspaniałe trasy, między innymi z Kreator czy Testament. Także do zobaczenia na koncertach! Pod koniec 2018 roku Vader planuje wejść do studia, żeby nagrać kolejną płytę. Machina toczy się dalej. Życzę Wam wszystkim doskonałej zabawy na święta oraz Nowy Rok i do zobaczenia w 2018! \m/

Tomasz "Hal" Halicki, Vader

Sotiris Vayenas, Septicflesh


                    2018 will be a year of intense touring for Septicflesh, playing on stage many songs from our brand new album “Codex Omega” among other classic material. We will start a European attack with Inquisition in January, followed by a North American tour with Dark Funeral and Thy Antichrist in February. And there will be many more live appearances later on, so keep an eye open. We wish that 2018 will be a great year for you,allowing you to fulfill your deepest desires. Keep the dark flame burning our brothers and sisters!


                    2017 год для группы ознаменовался выпуском альбома «Alien Hazard» и туром по Европе. На следующий год у Sunwalter планы съездить в новый тур и снять видеоклип. А может быть, на ажиотаже от тура нас хватит и на большее!

                    Пожелание читателям? После 2014 года, когда все поездки стали очень дорогими, причем, наши подмосковные тоже поднялись в цене, у людей не хватает денег куда либо ездить на новогодние праздники. Поэтому желаем, чтобы у вас хватило денег уехать на новогодние праздники, куда вы пожелаете. В Подмосковье, за границу, на другую планету. Пожелаем в новом году быть более открытыми, так как чудеса вокруг и очень близко, и дело в нас, что мы этого не замечаем.




                    Всем привет! Xe-NONE на линии! Мы категорически поздравляем всех создаталей и посетителей портала HeavyMusic.ru с неотвратимо наступающим Новым Годом! Желаем здоровья, радости и счастья, новой отличной музыки и дичайшего угара на концертах!!! Stay Metal!





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