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Wintersun. Wintersun: Be more open to new ideas

19:44 - 22.08.2017
John Sinterson:
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Long years of waiting, a crowdfunding campaign which has created waves Wintersun are back with the new album The Forest Seasons! We have discussed it with Jukka Koskinen and suddenly! Jari Mäenpää. Have a read our exclusive interview!




                    First of all, I would like to congratulate you with such a successful crowdfunding campaign! Any news about the studio?


                    Jukka: Well, we didnt know how the campaigns gonna go, but since the day one we believed in it completely. We wanted to do something different, and I think that it was great even for ourselves that we were brave enough to find our way with the record label and everybody to have the best case scenario. I think it was very important that we were really open and honest in what were doing, so the thing is that people actually appreciate that theres no weird business in between, its just us preselling our new album with extra content and being open and honest in what were gonna do with the money and here we are. We have this package, but it could be, I dont know, three or four times worth more than we're giving, kinda hidden thank you to everybody for waiting for us forever. Yeah, its just amazing that so many people really liked the idea, and it went really nicely. Couldnt be happier! Of course, well start now updating our gear and the last will be the building of actual studio facilities, so now we start with the the updating of our gear and the next campaign were gonna do will be for a new album and one after will be for a new album as well, so


                    So you already have enough material for these albums?


                    Jukka: Yes, for three or four for sure. But its all in pieces of course, nothing ready. But we hope itll be faster this time, because between the first and the second album there was eight years, and now it was five years, so hopefully it wont be that long. We dont know, lets see.


                    Wish you good luck, I think youll manage!


                    Jukka: Yeah, absolutely!


                    This campaign was such a success, but there were some haters who didnt like this idea at all. Were amongst them any of your colleagues on metal scene?


                    Jukka: Well, there were certain people who were laughing about the whole idea like you guys are crazy, youll never succeed in what youre gonna do. We didnt think how successful its gonna go, we just thought that were going to do this and see how this will end and if people will appreciate it. Everybody has their freedom to say yes or no. I think its always like this when something new comes around, especially now when in a heavy metal scene no one has done it in this scale at least, so its kinda like, I dont know, boredom or being envious or jealous or something Everybody has their opinion, what can I say? I think people should be in general more supportive, so to speak. Especially here in Finland, we have this thing that if somebody has a new Ferrari, theres someone saying Fuck, I wish you drove it into the fucking wall and maybe abroad is more or less like Hm, maybe one day I can have it as well.


                    Actually, we mostly have the same wall-attitude in Russia


                    Jukka: Yeah, theres a certain similar mentality, cause Finns came from Russia long time ago. I think its just a defense mechanism when something new is coming and many people are like Its never gonna work, its never gonna succeed, lets keep things how they are now and not try to do something new and stupid Of course, there were also people who I talked with personally via Facebook, and they were saying lots of negative things, but then I gave them more details and they started to understand the whole thing, cause maybe it wasnt so easy to understand what is happening, although its very clear, but then I talked with them and all of a sudden they were like Yes, Im gonna participate.


                    So youre good at convincing people!


                    Jukka: I didnt manipulate anybody! *laughs*




                    Well, anyway you had many people supporting you, I mean the choir. Was it hard to organize everybody in one place and time?


                    Jukka: Actually, no. I guess we were just lucky that we were able to have such great dudes, so many at the same day. How many were there, twenty-six, twenty-eight? Thats kinda funny that at the same day so many people were around, but yeah, we just planned it, and of course the scene is kinda tight and small, and everybody knows each other so that was really easy to do. The outcome that we got out from the choir is very nice so its nice to have this harsh metal choir on the new album. Some of the guys have been already helping us on the previous album, so who knows, probably next time well have even more people. Or maybe a female choir! Yeah, that would be cool!


                    Now you have Azim on board as the second guitar player, and Jari is a frontman in the full meaning of this word. Has it changed the atmosphere on the stage in any way?


                    Jukka: Yeah, Azims different if to think about his roots and the culture he comes from. Hes different than us Finns, but in the end the mentality is the same. I think its great that hes on board now, we definitely wanted to choose him not just because hes a great guitar player. Its important that he is a person who you have a nice chemistry with. Its super-important. I think everything is going to be nice. Azim was around, and it was like Ha, were here again although weve just met so it kinda feels like hes been around for a longer time, although he hasnt, and when it comes to us playing live everything works just fine. Hopefully we havent crushed too many times. Jari is in his element, although hes not playing the guitar, he has more relax and more freedom as he doesnt have to do double duties. These songs are not the easiest to do. I think everything is going great definitely, and weve definitely picked up the right guy.


                    Have you organized any rites of passage for him? Well, except this guitar playing competition


                    Jukka: What do you mean?


                    Something like a small event for him to become a true member of Wintersun family, like who will drink more


                    Jukka: Ah, I see. When we welcome somebody, we welcome him in a full way, so hes there where everybody else is We havent had any official event to welcome him.


                    Like baptizing him saying Now youre in Wintersun family?


                    Jukka: Yeah, baptism, yeah-yeah. We have to go to the sea and deep him there making it official, so to speak. Now hes a live guitarist, so who knows what will happen in the future.


                    Oh, you mean


                    Jukka: Yeah, becoming a full-time member, playing on albums and such, cause at the moment we were looking for a live guy, and now hes on board in that way.




                    Will we ever see any music videos from Wintersun?


                    Jukka: Official music videos?




                    Jukka: Thats a good question. Were trying to do something about it, but at the moment were going to be a bit late with the music videos, because the album comes out the next month, but yeah, we were planning something very special and different than the normal music video. Maybe later this year well do something about it, cause it will be time time, haha, this fucking word again Oops, a bad word!


                    *everybody laughs*


                    Jukka: We should do something about it, yeah, cause we have only one music video for the first album and thats it. Of course, Jari has been talking a bit like I do understand the point that we should make a video, but in a way it would be nicer not to make it, so everybody could use their imagination for the song and not keep face for the song. There are always two sides of it, but he doesnt know yet, so hopefully in the end of the year well come up with something, but it might be a little bit different than a normal music video, something more close and personal and stripped. But stripped in English means nothing like that!


                    *everybody laughs*


                    Now we have some random questions. I have read somewhere that the cover of Wintersun debut album is kind of a tribute to a Norwegian musician called Windir who froze till death in the forest. Is it true?


                    Jukka: No, its not. I know the story, but its absolutely not.


                    *at that moment Jari appears on the horizon, Jukka asks him to come and make something clear. Jari joins us, and we repeat our question*


                    So is it true?


                    Jari: Its not. Its just rumors, I mean I didnt know about his death before I visioned the cover, so it was just an accident.


                    Jukka: I was correct, but I wanted to double check that its not true.




                    Jari: It has happened to me, actually, passing out drunk in the snow. Its dangerous in Scandinavia


                    Jukka: Hell yes.


                    Jari: in the middle of winter, get drunk and pass out and die *laughs*


                    But you have resurrected successfully.


                    Jari: Yeah. Well, actually the police found me.


                    Jukka: Oh really?


                    Jari: Yeah.


                    Jukka: When did this happen?


                    Jari: And they took me to the jail. I was like nineteen or eighteen, a teenager.


                    Jukka: Were you one of those salmiakki vodka people? Cause there was this salmiakki vodka thing when thay started to sell this vodka, and there were hundreds of people in the snow literally, and many youngsters died, because it was so good and it tasted like candy.


                    Jari: Did you read in Ilta Sanomat how many drowned in Juhannus?


                    Jukka: Hmm seven or eight.


                    Jari: I dont know, just asking.


                    Jukka: Seven or eight.


                    Jari: Finnish people drown in Midsummer. They got drunk, go to swim and drown. You always read it in Monaday newspapers.


                    Jukka: I dont understand what it is with the Finns. Does it happen in Russia as well?


                    We dont celebrate Juhannus the way you do.


                    Jukka: You dont have swimming people passing out. I dont know, Finns are goddamn interesting people


                    Jari: Water is too cold in Russia.


                    Jukka: Well, where were we?


                    We have a question about Norther. Are you still in touch with Kristian [Ranta] or Tuomas [Planman]? We have heard nothing from them for ages


                    Jari: Theres a lot of drama. They hate each other *laughs*


                    Jukka: No coming back for sure. I actually havent been in contact with them, so when it comes to Tuomas, for example, I have no idea what he is doing nowadays. Kride is doing his healthcare company. Pete [Petri Lindroos] is in Ensiferum, of course, Heikki [Saari] is in Finntroll, Daniel [Freyberg] the guitar player is now with Children Of Bodom. What else? Alexi [Sihvonen] who we had on the last album is very busy being a very professional childrens neurology doctor.


                    Oh really?


                    Jukka: Yeah. Hes very occupied with that.




                    Well, theres the last question. People say you should try everything in life. What would you never try?


                    Jukka: Playing in a country band.


                    *Jari tries to come up with the answer*


                    Jukka: Damn, he has something in his mind.


                    Jari: Now I know. To be Justin Biebers backing dancer.


                    Jukka: I thought it would be Biebers boyfriend or something


                    *everybody laughs*


                    And what do you think everyone should try?


                    Jukka: To be more friendly towards everybody and more respectful. Everyone has goddamn fights in their lifes and no-one knows shit about it. One should respect each other more. And maybe be more open to new ideas, like Wintersun crowdfunding for example *laughs*


                    Jari, what are your recommendations?


                    Jari: To go and check out Vuosaari forest. Its a true place, and its there *shows the direction*. Take the metro to Rastila and then after the bridge go right.


                    So this is the place of power!


                    Jari: Yes. Thats the Forest that weeps.


                    Probably you have to print the map of Vuosaari forest and mark the places of your photoshoot and stuff like this


                    Jari: Ive been thinking about it. A Forest tour.


                    *everybody laughs*


                    Well, it can be included in the next campaign. Having a barbecue in the Forest


                    Jari: It was actually near the place where we took Kais photos, kind of a grilling area. You can grill some makkara there


                    Jukka: Sounds great!


                    Jari: And its a beautiful place.


                    Ok guys, thanks a lot for your answers! Hope to see Wintersun in Russia someday!



                    Questions: Maria Meledyakhina

                    Photos: Rikka Finn





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