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Репортажи с концертов

«Perfect weekend hash»

Bongzilla, Aquilonian
10.05.2015, Москва, MONA club

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          Despite being maybe not so blown up as Crowbar or Down in the West sluggish-riffing scene, Madison Mary jane paramours Bongzilla are praised to be the main impacters who deeply inbreathed Moscow (and allegedly moreover - overall Russian) stoner and sludge fellowship freshly. Thus, even got high on a plane from Helsinki for the one-day trip , the mighty foregoers had the legal right to puff and brag among the planning stash of heads in Mona club prior to seeing Red Square.
          However main place of the city was too Red for the green quartet. Alas for them it was closed after The Day of Victory Celebration accompanied huge salute and sparking fireworks - it passed day before Wisconsin hypes woke themselves in The Land of Bears. Notwithstanding this, they were quite blazed to spark up their own party where every user could be joined to the high day glorifying the potential triumph over the stereotypes, sanctions, political preconceptions and cannabis-defying prejudice.
          In a word, Bongzilla could be said to make 10th of May The unofficial Day of Victory for the stoner scene of the largest country in the world.
          The musical tea time didn't skew from the schedule, letting the event load minds of addicted dudes in geometrical progression. At 8 pm the stage smoked out a couple of Mikes, conscripted to warm audience up. Don't get me wrong - I didn't catch diplopia because of getting drunk; two Mikes were Michael Henry and Michael Makela, pulling up the session of "Symphonica de Levita" of their highly appreciated side project Aquilonian. Half of hour of brooding and moody dabbling on the neck almost did make gathered folks fly so someome was happy before seeing 'zilla in its full alignment of forces.
          Claps of Dixie (Dave Collins), returning from his prior-to-the-show stroll, heralded 5-minutes-preparing to the main part of evening. Coming to the podium, four-piece brigade met plausive screams of nearly fired up crowd armoured with tattoes, beards or just intense brutallity.
          And while the air was bonged by singing of hash, young and strong guys started to friendly hash up each other. It's reported someone's teeth were found up there later. Well, it's very russian (at least in foreigners' opinion, powered by stereotypes) - to get drunk and to smash friends' faces on the weekend. But this time at least livers of hopheads were out of deal.
          In spite of having several years of hiatus and claimed desire to become wasted, 'zilla fellows didn't waste the most important knack, crossfading the fatness of Sabbath-to-the-top guitar stuff with Priest-alike energetics and the ancient treatment of swinging drumming (btw, did you know at least half of Bong guys do like jazz?)
          Having nothing for being called the music hit (from Billboard Hot 100 Chart), The Madison Quad created flesh-reaching grindy mix of similar songs, each one of which sniffed by the fans just like a hit to take. It didn't really matter what chops twanged the walls of hall - utterly simple or more ornate than Muleboy's guitar strings, arborize out of the headstock, - everyone was about to attain nirvana.
          That said, much people demanded "Stone a Pig", possibly considering it to be the catchiest 'zilla's tune.
          The assailed chime didn't really need any verbal word - that's a possible reason Mikey spoke to the public only after several songs having been played.
          The rapport on high afoot - even when the band confronted the problems with the guitar jack and filled the pause with the short bluesy improvisation, everyone understood that, having enjoyed this small piece of unexpected beauty.
          Sometimes scathing, sometimes pained vocals lained on Birmingham-influenced riffs whipped up the primaeval wrath of sweaty wresters, smoking out stagedivers more and more as the show was stinking up wider. And at that point I need to admit: stagediving and crowdsurfing were the only thing slightly overdone by russian metalheads this time. It's OK to send not so heavy guys in a freestyle swimming on mob's hands In my opinion, but loading a fat one on my shoulders was bad idea. That was disgusting when someone was trying to climb on the stage for third or fourth time, doing that lubberly and overstaying on the place for musicians, jumping down without thought he might hurt someone, without trying to minimize injuries to other people by the reason of his hard falling.
          Once even 'zilla guy pointed (by negative moving of his forefinger) the undesirability of such trespassing, when divers were straining their moments of glory. And this despite the fact Makela dived into the audience at the start and the end of the show.
          Some people didn't fight or slam, but weren't just tranquil spectators of the performance.
          Throwing up their hands to the beats of thunder drums and chords, they seemed to feel something cosmogonic during this evening. God made The Doom - in any senses - and the doom music sounds like the expression of the world order of things. Truly passionated musicians on this show seemed to create the moshpit of shamanian dances.
          The headliner played long show, having made just a little smoking break they ended up around 11 pm. Having played a new song in the end, they gave a hope to hear a new album by them. And - therefore - to see them touring and maybe visiting Moscow again.
          The name "Bongzilla" includes three letters, "zil", meaning major Russian truck, military vehicle and heavy equipment manufacturer. And at some point the music of 'zilla appears to match this status, being sometimes as dirty as russian truck on the road, as swingy as a ride on the way from Moscow to any other russian town, as heavy as... any ZiL stuff, you know. BTW, one of Bong guys is a truck driver and one of them is a truck (and automobile in general) mechanic.
          Maybe the most russian amognst other foreign sludgers' performances, rock'n'roll to the top in its core show wasn't sold out but still the crowd for that was bigger than I expected. Around 250 persons came to sniff the smoke of freedom - not only sludgers (who are still not numerous in Russia), but punks, grindcore lovers (btw, the merch on the show belonged to a famous grind promoter), casual metalheads, even some oldscool grown up rockers in the office dress. And the presence of many pretty girls gave some reasons to load up not only Mary Js.
          Honest music from the bottom the hearts gave everything one could expect from it, weeding Moscow up and becoming the best completion of the weekend. Perhaps the only missing part was the lack of "Zaebis'!" shouting in the crowd. Usually this word, meaning "Fucking awesome", is learned by almost every foreign musician performing in front of young russian public, screaming it in his face.
          But we can rectify that next time, which would be in a bigger club for sure.
          'Cause Bongzilla has already planted a seed in Russia. Now we will watch it grow...




          Приносим благодарность Ritual booking и лично Oleg Olemus за предоставленную аккредитацию
          We thank Ritual booking and Oleg Olemus personally for the accreditation





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