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Party.San 2010

12 августа 2010 г. (четверг) Germany, Thüringen, Party.San 2010

          PARTY.SAN Metal Open Air начинает свою историю в 1996 году, и с тех пор не прошло ни одного года без это славного и поистине брутального события немецкого лета! Лето 2010 содрогнется от силы децибелов в период с 12 по 14 августа. Пройдёт мини-апокалипсис в Thüringen, Deutschland  99438 Bad Berka, а огоньку обещают задать такие коллективы, как:

ASPHYX, Aura Noir, Autopsy, Cannibal Corpse, Demonical, Desaster, Devourment, Dying Fetus, Ghost Brigade, Ketzer, Lividity, Lock Up, Merrimack, Milking The Goatmachine, Monstrosity, Månegarm, Napalm Death, Necrophagist, Ofermod, Onheil, Origin, Sarke, Suffocation, Suicidal Angels, The Crown, The Devils Blood, Tribulation, Under That Spell, Varg, Watain

Трёхдневный билет (который можно приобрести как «с» так и «без» варьирующегося DVD-приложения, от которого зависит цена) стоит приблизительно 48?+VVK евро. Сделать это можно здесь http://www.cudgel.de/index.php?cat=c56_Tickets.html



The 16th edition of the Party.San open air will take place on the very same area since 2000. For using parts of the nearby airfield again, special codes of behaviour are necessary and are explained in more detail below. For the first time we look forward to have 29 bands on stage. We hope for a troublefree festival such as last year, spared from band refusals and steady rain.

Party.San XVI goes ahead from Thursday, 12th to Saturday, 14th of August 2010.


Book your ticket in advance! Our capacities are not unlimited! As usual we don´t offer day tickets for thursday and friday. Saturday and weekend tickets are definitely available at the box office. Check out the news section on our website for further information.


The festival area is located only 8 kilometers away from autobahn exit "Nohra" (by west). You may use either exit 48 (Bad Berka) or 49 (Weimar). The interstate road B85, closed last year, is re-opened for traffic. Leaving the autobahn your way to Party.San is signposted. Train arrival is trouble-free as well. IntercityExpress trains stop at Weimar station. The 15 kilometer route from Weimar to Bad Berka is used by regional trains at hourly intervals. We recommend "Hauptbahnhof" station for your arrival in Bad Berka. Once more shuttle service is guaranteed by the "RIWA 33" bus. The shuttle bus uses the official bus stop (next to railway station) at scheduled times of train arrival. The "RIWA 33" bus also commutes between festival area and city over the weekend. Detailed schedules will be announced in time on our website. Usually this service is withdrawn at 8 pm. Later on you have to take a cab or a 15 to 20 minute foot walk.


Children and adolescents (aged up to 16) without legal guardian are not admitted to concert or dance events by german law for the protection of children and youth (“JuSchG § 5“). Adolescents (aged 16 and older) without legal guardian are admitted to abovementioned events until midnight. For exceptional cases please download this document >>> http://www.party-san.de/pdf/erziehungsberechtigte_10.pdf<<< and name a legal guardian. Complete the form signed by your parents. Always carry the document and hand out to our security staff if requested.

You are allowed to stay at the festival area within increasing timeframes: up to 16 years: until midnight / 16 years and older: until your legal guardian vetoes. Service of alcoholic drinks to children and adolescents is prohibited by law. For children and adolescents aged under 14 accompanied by a legal guardian admission is free. You have to pay if you are aged 14 and older.


The campsite opens from Wednesday, 11th of August 2010 at noon. The grassy and nearly plane campsite is located right next to the festival area. Due to using the nearby airfield again, some detailed directions are needed. Strictly forbidden on the entire camping ground is:

1.Lighting a camp fire – excluding in purpose-built boxes.

2.Digging holes, such as to store beverages etc.

3.Trespassing the airfield outside areas made available.

4.Damaging technical facilities or other properties of the airfield operator or organizer.

5.Trespassing the forest or neighbouring fields not yet harvested and damaging forestry properties or local hunter properties.<(ol>

Unfortunately last year, many guests left their campground without cleaning it up. All of our request were be ignored. In this case we are forced to raise a garbage-fee of 10.00 Euro. We hope our guest which had cleaned their campground will apprehend this. We try to find a more equitably method in future.

Camping is free of charge for ticket holders. You may leave your car next to the tent. You must not enter the festival area including all campsites without valid ticket. Attention! Power sets are prohibited! We apologize for any inconvenience!


Largely enough free honey buckets are available. Toilets are dry cleaned several times a day. As last year two sanitary areas are at your disposal. They are located between the campsites and right next to the festival area, respectively. We also supply a so-called flatrate ticket for using both toilets and showers. You can purchase those tickets at service points and box office.

Close to service points you´ll find facilities for hand washing and water intake. For the first time we have a beer garden in addition to the well-known breakfast stand near to service point 1 (located between the three campsites) opened almost 24 hours from wednesday night. The party tent is opened from wednesday, 11th of August 2010, 6 pm and won´t be first opened 24 hours but collateral with the festival area opening hours. Nevertheless there will be the daily aftershow parties the party tent is notorious for.


For each car we rais a garbage fee of 10.00 Euro. This fee will be collected at the entrance. You can bring in garbagesacks from friday. If you bring back a full sack of garbage, we like to thank you with the ultimate Party.San wall almanac.


Once more bands perform on two stages. On the one side there´s main stage where bands are playing from thursday on. On the other side there´s tent stage for disco and party supported by our two radio stations "The New Noize" and "Hellborn Metal Radio".


Catering is guaranteed from wednesday evening 7 pm to sunday morning 11 am. We pay strict attention to high quality catering. Our catering partners are instructed to offer fair prices for meals and drinks. One more time the well-tried Party.San crew is selling your drinks in 2010. A 0,4 litre cup of "Köstritzer" beer is still only 2 Euro.


Weapons, pyrotechnic articles and glassware is strictly prohibited. You are checked at the festival entrance. You are sent-off due to considerable offense. Do not bring along forbidden stuff! You are not allowed to deal with food and non-food products on the entire festival area without permission.

To get onto the annoying subject of politics and the display of its negative spin-offs. Of course the ban of shirts with National Socialist symbols remains in force! The ban of shirts ("NSBM" motives) is in force at the entire festival area including campsites. If you attract attention one-time you are sent-off. Put simply: pack your bags, go home. The same goes for visitors putting on music with Nazi background.

We recognized a change for the better since last year. But we want to maintain and insist until everybody has realised that we do neither tolerate political shit nor the slightest provocation! Don´t ask for trouble and stay in if you are unwilling to play the rules. The same applies to leftists too keen to do well.

Raw offenses involve a report to the police.

Back to something favorable: There is no quantitative limitation on food and beverages! About glassware in particular: all forbidden products found at the check will be collected and destroyed without substitution.

Unfortunately rules are needed – nevertheless have a hell of a party and enjoy the festival!

Сайт клуба: http://www.party-san.de/
Адрес клуба: г. Germany, Thüringen, 99438 Bad Berka

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