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Haemorrhage в Москве!

5 декабря 2009 г. (суббота) Москва, Релакс

          5 Декабря 2009 - Клуб “ РЕЛАКС ”
          COYOTE RECORDS представляет :
          HAEMORRHAGE – Испания – Gore Grind Monsters
          ВЛАДИМИР ЕПИФАНЦЕВ – Москва – Brutal Industrial Noise
          MEMBRO GENITALI BEFURCATOR - Москва - Brutal death
          SURGEONT - Нижний Новгород - Slam Brutal Death
          MONASTERY DEAD – Санкт-Петербург – Death Metal
          CARNAL PERSECUTION – Москва - Grind
          Клуб РЕЛАКС
          Адрес: ул. Мельникова, 7 (М. Дубровка / Пролетарская) Тел: (495)675-91-46
          Цена билета :
          600 ТОЛЬКО до 1 ноября через сайт http://www.coyoterecords.ru или по тел: +7 903 538 34 38
          700 предварительно во всех рок-магазинах и кассе клуба .
          850 в день концерта в клубе .
          Все вопросы по : тел +7-903-538-34-38 ,
          Email: coiot@mail.ru , http://www.coyoterecords.ru
          Influenced by the young heroes of an uprising Grind / Death Metal scene, Jose and Luisma had the idea of forming a band in 1990. After devouring a mixture of Grind, Death Metal and Punk that was the cause of that miscarriage was named Devourment but now its currently known as Haemorrhage. In 1992 the first demo Grotesque Embryopathology was recorded. Not satisfied at all with the result, the band decided dont spread it, and entered in comma during some months. Haemorrhage reborn as a project recruiting members of some young underground bands. So its how Lugubrious, Ramon and later Ana got in the picture. With the whole medical staff they record a promo-tape in May94. That promo helped them to get a record-deal with the german label Morbid Records. Haemorrhage became the first spanish band to get a deal with a foreign label. The Ep obnoxious is released to present their medical habilities in the european underground. Emetic Cult is released in 1995, and it curiously became a cult (!) album for many fans, and getting Haemorrhage the chance to infect Europe during the legendary Grind Over Europe tour. Just before the tour Rojas joined the band to replace Jose on drums. In 1997 the second album is released and instantly reached the Top-1 in all the Morgues and the Hospital halls playlists, spreading the Haemorrhage name worldwide. In 1998 a third album Anatomical Inferno is excreted and devoured by a ingrowing legion of pathological students, and funeral directors. In 2000 Haemorrhage paid the dues with some of their long-time influences with Loathesongs a MCD full one the sweet tunes that made these guys as sick as they are. In 2002 Morgue sweet home brought Haemorrhage to the top of the musical and medical scene, getting the funeral praises of both media and fans, and forcing the band to pack their surgical equipment and get in a bus with Cryptopsy, Profanity and Spawn during 24 days and nights, to exhibit their mortuary collections across Europe, including a massive operation in With Full Force Festival. Some of all those live experiences are sutured, dissected and digitalized in a DVD; Visions from the Morgue, a documentary studied in all Universities and medical colleges. In 2004 Haemorrhage allied to the american psycopathologists of Impaled to prepare one of the sickest split Cds on these earth and below...Dementia Rex In 2005 Apology for Pathology got the challenge to beat the Morgue sweet home success. The mission was as hard as a open-lung biposy but their scalpels seems to be sharper as the operation is harder. The album reach the No.1 in all the operating rooms and it was voted by the 90% of the mortuary technicians as album of the decade. As a consequence Haemorrhage was asked to show their surgical technics in hosptitals of Japan and the United States (Maryland Death fest), but thats not a severe inconvenience for Haemorrhage, as their curriculum mortis includes performances in the best festivals and pathology congresses in Europe: Obscene Extreme, Fuck the commerce, Party.San, With Full Force, F.Y.U. In January 2007 the band's effort to emulate the legenday "Peel Sessions" is recorded. Ten songs voted by the fans on the bands myspace were included in their rawest version in another forensic o-pus: "The kill sessions", Released by Emetic Records. 2007 brought another pathological chapter: "Haematology" a top-quailty release including all the Eps recorded by the band from 1995 to 2005. Re-mastered, re-edited and re-gurgitated for the sickest goregrinders! In January 2008 a the songs for a new split CD with the german Grindrockers DEAD are recorded. The CD is released in May 2008 featuring 5 new songs and a cover of Sodom's hymn Ausgebombt. ....The Emetic Cult is still alive!!!
          Спешите единственное выступление…
          Discography :
          Grotesque embryopathology Demo, 1992
          Exhumed / Haemorrhage Split, 1995
          Scalpel, Scissors and Other Forensic Instruments (promo) Demo, 1995
          Obnoxious / Thy Horned God Split, 1995
          Emetic Cult Full-length, 1995
          Grind Over Europe Split DVD / video, 1996
          Grind Over Europe '96 Split, 1996
          Grume Full-length, 1997
          Damnable / Haemorrhage Split, 1997
          The Cadaverous Carnival Split album, 1998
          Surgery For The Dead / I Don’t Think So Split, 1998
          Promo Tape '98 Demo, 1998
          Haemorrhage / Ingrowing Split, 1998
          Anatomical Inferno Full-length, 1998
          Scalpel, Scissors and Other Forensic Instruments Best of/Compilation, 2000
          Haemorrhage / Embolism / Suffocate / Obliterate Split, 2000
          Loathesongs EP, 2000
          Do You Still Believe in Hell? Split, 2001
          Reek Split, 2001
          Zur Stille Finden / Live In The Morgue Split, 2002
          Morgue Sweet Home Full-length, 2002
          Dementia Rex Split, 2003
          Haemorrhage / Denak Split album, 2004
          Visions from the Morgue DVD, 2004
          Live to Dissect / Tufo de Carne Descompuesta Split, 2005
          Cut God Out / Feasting On Purulence Split, 2005
          Apology For Pathology Full-length, 2006
          Buried / Furtive Dissection Split, 2006
          Haematology Best of/Compilation, 2007
          The Kill Sessions Live album, 2007
          Haemorrhage / Dead Split, 2008
          Почти все, за что берется этот самобытный артист и режиссер, получается брутальным, экспрессивным и неожиданным. Зато о его работах потом долго говорят, будь то роль Владимира Маяковского в собственном "Прок-театре" или Калигула в театре им. Вахтангова. Новое музыкальное шоу Епифанцева - тоже из этого числа.
          музыка Епифанцева Жесткие индустриальные тембры, рокочущие ритмы, скорости и эмоции - все бы это могло показаться развитием традиций легендарных немцев Rammstein, если бы не неистовая, какая-то языческая и необузданно-экспрессивная манера исполнения актером-музыкантом.
          Это death metal команда из Санкт - Петербурга. Основана в октябре 2004 года Вадимом Николаевым (бас гитара). Состав группы менялся, пока наконец не пришел в устойчивое состояние. Группа развивалась, подход к музыке становился все более серьезным, велась работа над своим материалом. Наконец , в ноябре 2006 года группа отыграла свой первый концерт в клубе Арктика. В течении следующего года группа усиленно работала над своим материалом и выступала в различных клубах города и области. В августе 2008 года на студии "ФАЗА" группа записала 13 композиций. После чего, начались поиски лейбла, продлившиеся несколько месяцев. В ноябре 2008 года уважаемый в андеграунде лейбл MUSICA PRODUCTION предложил группе контракт на выпуск альбома. И, наконец, в начале апреля 2009 года дебютный альбом "Victims Of Senseless Massacre" вышел в свет.

Сайт клуба: http://www.relaxclub.ru
Адрес клуба: г. Москва, ул.Мельникова, д.7 стр.1 ДК 1-го ГПЗ, вход с обр. стороны.
Проезд: м.Пролетарская, 1-й вагон из центра, далее по 1-й Дубровской ул. до её пересечения с ул.Мельникова (5-7 минут пешком)
Тел. клуба 675-9146

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